Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tasty Drink House

Tasty Drink House is located somewhere in the heart of town, I have to admit that you will need a sharp eye to spot this shop. It's at a corner, behind Sandakan Foto and next to AIA Building. It's really a small corner, it can be call as a stall not a 'drink house' as it does not provide any place to sit at all. It's like a take-away counter. Kinda hard to notice actually. It's really a small shop that sells drinks and ice cream. They used to sell sandwiches. Not sure if they do now or not. Their sandwiches are superb too.

Vanilla Ice-cream

They usually serve vanilla, rarely chocolate but anyways this is different from you ordinary soft ice cream. I love how milky it is - yeah, just like eating milk ice cream! ><>

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yau Char Kuey/Ham Zhim Peng/Lo Mai Chi

Few of the more famous food in Sandakan..located in Bandaraya Kim Fung Mile 4 pasar/market..actually that market is such an attractive place always full of people eating..most of the best food of sandakan can also be found here :P

Here one of the stall located near one of the corner of the market is famous for selling their delicious hot, crunchy, fluffy and fresh Yau Char Kuey, Ham Zhim Peng and Lo Mai Chi..
These people are constantly kneading, cutting, shaping and frying more and more of these delicacies and it can be interesting to watch while waiting in line to buy them especially if you'vr never watched the process before! they work pretty fast too woo~

Yau Char Kuey / Fried bread stick / 油炸粿
Can be bought and eaten just like that without any filling, or served with porridge (of course, porridge is not provided ^^) or you can try how we Sandakan-ians usually eats it, which is with kaya and planta <3>

Yau Char Kuey with Kaya and Planta

Ham Zhim Peng / Savoury Spiced Fried Bread / 咸煎饼
This is made using 5 spiced powder which is incorporated into the bread in a spiral manner..just like how you would make a swiss roll then cut it into pieces

Crunchy at the outside, Fluffy in the inside <3

Lo Mai Chi / Glutinous rice filled fried bread /
The bread is crispy and fluffy on the inside with the slightly sweet, sticky and chewy center glutinous part. ><

*Im actually reposting/rewritting entries or food that i have reviewed :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pasir Putih Seafood Restaurant

Located in Pasir Putih before Ocean King restaurant. Pretty easy to go..just continue straight from the Prawn Roundabout if you are coming from town.

Salad Prawn/水晶夏
According to Tsa, the only place that can make proper 水晶夏 is Equatorial where the coating of the prawn is supposed to be crystal clear >< ..however the taste of this salad prwan is still superb!

Sabak / 沙白 / Clam
A popular dish as well, usually fried with spring onion and ginger. The sauce is delicious and goes well with rice

Tung Fung Lo / 东风螺 / Snail
Another very popular dish in Sandakan xD.. all you need to do is just grab it's sharp end and slowly pull it out. Not only a delicious dish but also a fun dish tho it can get really annoying if the snail is stuck inside ><

Steamed Sek Ban / Grouper
This is one of the best fish to steam and eat. I personally think steaming is the best option to experience to freshness of the fish (unless u are thinking of sashimi right after catching the fish). See how the fish meat seperates nicely from bones whuaaa..thinking of it just makes me crave for it moreeee ><

The fish of this size costs rm39 (rm42 per kg) , enough for 4 people to eat- or 5 if you are not greedy heh. Though compared to steaming it yourself at home it only costs +/- rm20! but i guess it is worth it because this dish is nicely done

Sweet and Sour Flower Crab/ 甜酸花蟹
A very appetizing way of cooking or in malay it's very 'membuka selera'. The more you eat the hungrier you get! Although flower crab has less meat than the bigger usual crab (i think it's called Mud Crab/Sek Hai).. however flower crab has got more fine and fluffy meat.

The crab itself is already very sweet! Also very good for just steaming ^^

Lotus Leaf Wrapped Chicken
Besides seafood, this restaurant also offers variety of other non seafood dishes, also as delicious. This chicken is very soft and well marinated with herbs. Recommended. But of course, spend your stomach on seafood first before you try this!

Jiu Pai Tofu
To be honest.........This picture was taken a long time ago and i forgot about how it was like but i think it is nice..tho i have eaten very badly done Jiu Pai Tofu in other places ><

Lobster Yi Mee / Lung Ha Yi Mee
Errr, only order this if you have enough least it was expensive for me!! (one plate of this for 3 people costs about rm114) but I just thought, as a Sandakan-ian i have to at least eat lobster once in my life so...wargh!

Not too bad, it's taste and texture is somewhat a mixture of prawn and crab..also very juicy and 'crunchy' (song! in cantonese haha)

I shall eat this again when i can finally earn my own money, for now it is just too expensive for me ><

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Sorry dear readers for the hiatus. Both of us are kinda busy, EMQ is busy with her studies/intern..whatever term you call it.. Tsa's computer had been acting up; it even crashed when uploading photos and so on.

Will be updating soon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

QQ Ice

Unable to tolerate the ultra hot sizzling weather of Sandakan? Quench your thirst easily at QQ Ice! This is my survival kit here because I get so hot and thirsty all the time and just wanted to look for something nice but not too expensive. However nowadays I limit myself with the amount of cups I drink per week because of the fear of my health.....but that's just me! (if you are in Sandakan for just 1 week, WHY NOT SPAM DRINK :p)

Anyways back to the point. QQ Ice is located at one of the corners in the centre of Mile 4 Indah (Head towards inside Indah's roundabout and spin your way~ and there you will see it)

Variety of drinks with pearls
Asides from the original Pearl (Milky) Tea, you can have your pearls with other teas or drinks such as Red Tea, Green Tea, Ice Blended drinks, Juices. Or you can even order any type of drinks with added black jelly, magic jelly, etc.. Play with the combination!

I still like my rm2.50 Pearl Tea best
The pearl is not sweet and chewy enough for me. It's not easy to find a nice big cup of Pearl Tea with only rm2.50 outside of Sandakan.. (i think)

Ps ; I do prefer Pearl Tea here over Cool City :p


Friday, September 10, 2010

Pulut panggang

Hari Raya was around the corner and the annual Bazaar Ramadhan is up ; which is a good opportunity to grab malay delicacies!

Here I introduce you to Pulut Panggang.

Pulut panggang is a traditional malay snack made from glutinous rice flavoured with coconut milk and it is filled with coconut flesh and shrimp (it might varies, depending on the stall) and barbequed to perfection.

Tear off the banana leaf; and you get to see the glutinous rice.
(it does look like a banana in this pic, just different colour...if you get what I meant)

I never heard about chicken and beef flavour but I finally get to taste it the other day at the Bazaar Ramadhan. I was expecting it to have meat, but no, instead of meat, it is just coconut flesh in chicken curry and beef curry. Disappointed with no meat at 1st, but I'm wrong. I actually like the taste of the curry. Chicken curry and beef curry do tasted differently. That one stall offers shrimp too. Their shrimp flavour is the normal ones; the common flavour.

The shrimp filling with coconut flesh

Pulut panggang is very filling because of the glutinous rice. It is pretty cheap and it taste great! It's only 50 cent per roll/stick.Now, if you ask where do I get it, I'm not sure to be honest. There are a lot of stall selling them during the bazaar. I guess you can get it in malay markets. I never see them in malay eateries; or maybe I just missed it.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kedai Kopi 2020

Located in Bandaraya Kim Fung Mile 4, you can hardly miss this shop located at one of the corners of the shoplots a few blocks behind the Supermarket. I also believe that the owner of this shop is a strong believer of feng shui because you can spot a whole lot of charms and fengshui decorative items,..quite an interesting collection ^^, well as long as they work! - since this shop has been doing quite well since years ago judging from the amount of people who eats there every time i pass by.

Specialty of the shop? I am not too sure but my own family members recommended their fried noodle (wet) to me. But I myself am not a frequent customer of this shop because of certain reasons.

Sap Chao Min ( wet-style fried noodles)
As you can see, the style is pretty different from the typical well known Sandakan Sap Chao dishes. Here they used ingredients such as tomato so the sauce tastes slightly sour. I guess some do prefer their Sap Chao like that, but personally at the end of the day I will prefer to eat the usual Sandakan style Sap Chao.

Sap Chao Dai Fun (wet-style fried kuey teow)
Also, one serving of this costs about rm10 (or more, i forgot because this was last year) - which is also one of the main reasons why i don't frequent this shop that much. They do have a reason for charging so much, due to the big fresh prawns, fishes and other fresh ingredients used...but still, i personally think that it's not that worthy, at least not all the time.