Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tasty Drink House

Tasty Drink House is located somewhere in the heart of town, I have to admit that you will need a sharp eye to spot this shop. It's at a corner, behind Sandakan Foto and next to AIA Building. It's really a small corner, it can be call as a stall not a 'drink house' as it does not provide any place to sit at all. It's like a take-away counter. Kinda hard to notice actually. It's really a small shop that sells drinks and ice cream. They used to sell sandwiches. Not sure if they do now or not. Their sandwiches are superb too.

Vanilla Ice-cream

They usually serve vanilla, rarely chocolate but anyways this is different from you ordinary soft ice cream. I love how milky it is - yeah, just like eating milk ice cream! ><>


Anonymous said...

I love your blog... I just returned from a visit to Sandakan and I miss the food already. *sigh*

terri@adailyobsession said...

hi! i came here thru a photo of the UFO tarts on google images. i have the recipe from the original coffeeshop (forgotten the name until i read it on ur blog) but not all of it n am tweaking it until i get it right.

great to read a local blog! now i can turn to you when i visit sandakan.keep it up!

Suyue said...

Good Morning,

I'm Nichole. I've decided to invite you to my hotel's Food Tasting Day on 6th December 2012 after reading your catchy food blog online. The Hotel is Borneo Cove Hotel, at Sandakan.

Actually I've already send out the invitation letter to you (which is to the email address that you provided on your blog, 28th November 2012 regarding the subject above.

I'm desperately looking forward to hear from you as the event is around the corner, so that it would ease my arrangement for you.

You may email me on or call up to +6089-201777 for further details.


Suyue said...

Hey, It's me again.
Just to update you that the Food tasting day has been switched to 18th December 2012 together with the press conference of the Pre-Christmas party that will be held by Datin's family.

Wish that you could make it this time. Looking to hear from you soon. =)


Zara Shopz said...

Love it..